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    All Star Established Scholarships for Translation Department of Beijing Language and Culture University

  • On the afternoon of February 20, 2009, Founding Meeting of Translation Department was held in a grand style at the Lecture Hall of Yifu Building of Beijing Language and Culture University. Our president Tan Jianzhong presented at the meeting as a distinguished guest at the invitation of the University.


    Our company established cooperative relationship with Beijing Language and Culture Universityby providing a practice base for University’s postgraduates majoring intranslation as early as 2007. Through the establishment of such a practicebase, our company managed to provide a platform through which translation postgraduates got more opportunities in either practicing or obtaining employment, and endeavored to get win-win situation for schools, enterprises, and students.



    On the meeting, our company declared itsdecision in establishing sponsorships for translation department, which encouraged the numerous students to study hard and strive to get even better achievement. The starships symbolize that All Star, as a professional company engaging in linguistic and cultural exchange, is making positive contributionsin order to help our country cultivate more excellent translators.


    In addition to President Tan, there are also other distinguished persons presenting the meeting, including WangLujiang, secretary of the party committee of the University, Han Jingtai, vice president of the University, Wu Wei, deputy director of the 3rd Bureau of the State Council Information Office of the PRC, Ms. Hardy, education commissioner of French Embassy, deans and directors of the translations departments of some universities, expert, and scholars. They delivered warm speeches at the meeting and extended their congratulations to the foundation of the translation department.


    Students from English and French classes expressed their sincere feelings through English, French, Chinese, and sign language; they also extended their gratitude to the leaders and guests through their beautiful songs. At the end of the meeting, Ning Yizhong, president of the translation department gave their thanks to all attendant guests on behalf of the teachers and students of the department.


    Journalists of CETV, CCTV French, and Beijing Test Paper have covered this event.