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    Website Localization refers to a designatedpart or all parts of a website to be adapted for specific target customers inmultiple languages, including text, images, animation, and website projectprocessing. Different from a simple website translation, website localization requirestaking into account the accurate translation as well as the national faith,color likes and dislikes, words and opportunity, customs of the corresponding customergroups. From the view of the workload, website localization is an extremelycomplex project.


    With the rapid development of e-commerce,your website localization means more convenient, more effective exchange andcommunication with potential customers in different countries. Websitelocalization is a complex task and requires professional knowledge andtechnology. The website localization translation project team of All Star (Beijing) TranslationCompany possess not only excellent professional translation skills, andproficient in HTML, scripting language, image localization and functionaltesting. We provide you with a comprehensive customized Web multi-languages ​​and dialects solution, structure a communication bridge between youand your customers, and convert your website into the coding that amulti-language and target user can read. After Website Localization, your sitewill be running on the local system platform. Likewise, when people are able toread your website in their own familiar languages, this can naturally enhanceyour corporate image greatly.




    Website Localization Services



    Text translation and typesetting

    Website design: Dreamweaver, Microsoft theASP, Microsoft Front Page

    Site daemon localization

    Graphic design: photoshop, CorelDRAW

    Animation production: Macromedia Flash

    The XHTML language CGI, ASP, PHP, JSPprogramming

    Java program and JavaScript, VBScript

    Establish a network database Access, SQL,Oracle

    Provide Adobe PDF file

    Website release, maintenance and update



    Website Localization Process


    1 Analysis on website localization needs:Determine the content needed to be localized and the parts that need not to belocalized;

    2 Web page translations: withdraw the webpage content needed to be translated, and do the website page translation job;

    3 Localization processing of images andanimation,: processing images and animation needed to be localized;

    4 Page code translation processing: replacethe source language with the target language, and adjust the html code, and producelocalized versions;

    5 Localize the site daemon: the backendinterfaces translation and processing, localized development of runningprogram;

    6 Website localization testing: release thelocalization testing version, trial run, version test, so as to ensure thenormal operation of the website;

    7 Website localization release: release theofficial website running version.


    All Star’s advantages in websitelocalization translation



    The company has, since its establishment,developed a large team and part-time translators covering all professions so asto achieve targeted customer requests, thus providing professional websitelocalization services.

    2 The company has a number of officersproficient in website production technology such as HTML, XML, JavaScript, ASP,asp.net, PHP and JSP.

    3 The lecturers and experts with proficientknowledge of network marketing to provide you with advice and help related tothe enterprise product marketing.

    4 The company has a complete set ofscientific quality management and protection mechanisms.

    5 Website localization prices arereasonable, cost-effective and competitive.