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    Auto industry

  • Facing the condition of global economic integration, for those enterprises intending to “Import and export”, the localization of language and materials as well as consistency plays an important role in it. In china, as the space of opening of automobile market speeding up, the national protection policy phasing out, the markets involving automobile manufacturing, maintenance and sales register a fierce competition and face more and more challenges. No matter you are a chief engineer, marketing and sales director, expert in maintenance technology, direction in charge of translation department or translation outsourcing institution, you have to think about how to apply overseas lead-edge technology and product into practice so as to strengthen the competitiveness. And how to realize synchronous update and management of a large number of technical terms as products upgrade frequently. As the production phase is shorten increasingly, how to guarantee the translation work of product materials can be finished with high quality? All questions above have puzzled many directors of automobile enterprises, however, such well-known enterprises as BMW, Chery, Beiqi Foton and Commins, etc can solve the translation issue well, how do they make it?

    1. All Star (Beijing) Translation Company--Translation Solution for Automobile industry –Core technology

    The core technology of the translation solution is WTM, which is accumulated to a rich corpus consisted of those translated sentences as mnemon stored by a special network database, with the function of “Appropriate string matching, the system will automatically search the same or similar translation sources (e.t. sentence, paragraph and phase). Meanwhile, T-CAT is able to complete the management to the consistency of terminology transaltiuon. The past years shows that, “All Star (Beijing) Translation Company—Translation solution for automobile industry” is a practical as well as accurate translation service program. At the same time, the network running configuration which is unique in program can share resources with the members of translation team, so as to raise efficiency by teamwork. 

    2. All Star (Beijing) Translation Company-- Translation Solution for Automobile industry—function module

    Translation function module:

    • Translation corpus
    • Support various document format
    • Auto industry-specific terminologies function management

    Translation project management module:

    • Design and optimize process management
    • Network resource sharing
    • Permission setting and management  
    • Project pretreatment function

     Knowledge management

    • Translation corpus
    • Auto industry-specific terminology bank
    • Resource recovery

     3. All Star (Beijing) Translation Company—Auto industry translation solution process

    PM should finish the previous preparation:

    • Document clear-up
    • Set-up of project translation corpus terminology database: based on this corpus, set up project translation corpus by analyzing original documents.
    • Project preanalysis: generate a quantification report for a project via systematic analysis, so as to control the period and cost of the project.
    • Project preanalysis: set matching factors to complete batch translation work for originals.
    • Generate project kits: send the document pack after a pretreatment for corpus and term tank to translators

     After the completion of translation:

    • Interactive translation: update corpus during translation work
    • After the completion of translation: after the completion of translation, translators should send the translated document, corpus and terminology bank to translation project manager.

    The project manager

    • The project manager should verify and update corpus and terminology bank, proofread the translation.

    4. Set-up of translation corpus and auto industry-special terminology bank: it is necessary to set up a translation corpus and auto industry-special terminology bank before employ “All Star Solution”.

    Set-up of translation corpus: resource recovery tool can help us figure out whether the translation match the original so as to recover previous translation resources the client used, and set up a corpus finally. Meanwhile, we also update and rich the translation corpus and help clients to finish the work finally. The clients with established corpus can draw related project corpus from main memory vault while they work on a project, so as to finish it with high efficiency.

    •  “All Star Translation Company- Translation solution for auto industry” features terminology management, which can present matched terminology automatically via distance visit.
    • Share resources to guarantee a unity of terminologies. In the process of translation, auto-industry corpus will prompt defined terminologies.
    • Auto industry terminology bank can be established by the following ways:
    •  “All Star Translation Company- Translation solution for auto industry” equipped with powerful terminology bank.
    • Users can add new terminologies via interactive translation.
    • Extract or add terminologies from mono-lingual or bilingual documents with the help of terminology extractor.