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    Electro&Telecommunication industry

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    Electronics and communication industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world, if a company wants to be a leader in its own filed, it should update the products and cut down the launch time of products, or keeps on exploring global emerging markets. While in China, it has potentials and opportunities in cutting production cost and exploring emerging markets. As more and more electronics and communication companies involve in emerging market, they are facing more challengers.

    Communication equipment and electronic products are all high-tech products, and they require high quality products and introduction document. In addition, the technological development of the two industries changes rapidly, which push those companies to explore new products constantly. To make a success in global market, electronics and communication companies should update the quality of client experience and build a powerful brand by localizing their products. In addition, they should provide appropriate introduction document and product support to adopt local language and culture.

    As specialized in providing professional and high quality translation service, we have built sustained cooperation relations with leading electronics and communication companies. Our professional translators keep attentions on the updates in his industry so as to accumulate professional knowledge. By virtue of many year’s experience and expertise, we are able to provide high quality translation and localization services, including document printing, online helpfile and GUI, etc. We have confidence in our expertise and profession, we are your best choice, and we can guarantee that:

    • The accuracy, relevance and coherence of translation
    • High work efficiency, frequently update local data
    • All contents and information are in accordance with customer brand
    • Reduction of administration expense, inefficiency caused by decentralized process
    • In accordance with local laws and rules, culture and religion.


    All Star (Beijing) Translation Company applies advance and high efficient management system and process control system to meet various strict requirements. We will help you closer to you globalization plan with our rich and professional experience.

    We support the following documents (including but not limited)

    Microsoft Word, Excel、PowerPoint, Visio, MS Publisher, WPS, TXT, PDF, AutoCAD, Adobe FrameMaker, AdobePageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Webpage, Image Data, Database file, etc.

    We provide the following foreign languages translation service for electronics and communication industries (including but not limited):

    • Chinese to English, English to Chinese
    • Chinese to Japanese, Japanese to Chinese, English to Japanese, Japanese to English
    • Chinese to Korean, Korean to Chinese, English to Korean, Korean to English
    • Chinese to French, French to Chinese, English to French, French to English
    • Chinese to German, German to Chinese, English to German, German to English
    • Chinese to Italian, Italian to Chinese, English to Italian, Italian to English
    • Chinese to Spanish, Spanish to Chinese, English to Spanish, Spanish to English
    • Chinese to Russian, Russian to Chinese, English to Russian, Russian to English
    • Chinese to Danish, Danish to Chinese, English to Danish, Danish to English
    • Oral English、Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Spoken Japanese service, Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Spoken Korean service, Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Spoken French service, Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Spoken German service, Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Minority languages(Chinese/English to Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesia、Portugal、Dutch、Hungarian, etc.)