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    IT&Software industry

  • IT, that refers to information technology in a wide definition way. According to the United States Department of Commerce, the IT Industry includes IT producing and IT application, and while the IT producing includes computer hardware, communication device, software, computer and communication service.

    In the IT and software engineering industry which with fierce competiveness, the question of how to further improve the quality of customer experience and founding a firm brand loyalty are challenges for every company. As the achievement of product differentiation becomes more and more difficult, so the key to maintain customer loyalty is to increase the value of product, and apply customized communication ways to interact with local customers.

    In the past ten years, the development of IT industry boosts significantly the growth of localized industry. IT industry and engineering industry enable to help people from different countries to share information crossing the boundary of country and culture, and indeed realize the economic globalization. Surely, it will experience complex process with huge cost.

    As the last link of software engineering, the software localization refers to a transformation from the original language of the UI and auxiliary document of software to another language, so as to adapt a foreign language and culture.

    In the process of software localization, the translation and adjustment of UI, helpfile, website and technical file will concern relative independent workflows, and the workflow should be integrated so as to ensure a maximum saving in cost and product launching duration, and reach a high consistency finally.

    All Star is professional in the transformation of products and software application program to their target languages, which is helpful for accelerating the globalization of them. Our project procedures and quality assurance system can ensure the accuracy and correctness of localized software in terms of function, language and culture. In addition, we apply the most practical technology with our project management system to automate every localization step as far as possible. Starting from a product analysis and extraction of local elements to rearrangement and test for language version, our work team will always be strict to the quality to finish projects successfully.

    By virtue of years’ professional experience, we have won a large number of clients in IT and software engineering industries. We are always specialized in providing flexible technology and solution to meet the needs of clients in terms of software localization, web localization (Translation), whiter paper and consultation.

    We support the following types of document (including but not limited):

    Microsoft Word, Excel、PowerPoint, Visio, MS Publisher, WPS, TXT, PDF, AutoCAD, Adobe FrameMaker, AdobePageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Webpage, Image Data, Database file, etc.

    We provide the following foreign languages translation service for IT and software engineering industries (including but not limited):

    • Chinese to English, English to Chinese
    • Chinese to Japanese, Japanese to Chinese, English to Japanese, Japanese to English
    • Chinese to Korean, Korean to Chinese, English to Korean, Korean to English
    • Chinese to French, French to Chinese, English to French, French to English
    • Chinese to German, German to Chinese, English to German, German to English
    • Chinese to Italian, Italian to Chinese, English to Italian, Italian to English
    • Chinese to Spanish, Spanish to Chinese, English to Spanish, Spanish to English
    • Chinese to Russian, Russian to Chinese, English to Russian, Russian to English
    • Chinese to Danish, Danish to Chinese, English to Danish, Danish to English
    • Oral English、Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Spoken Japanese service, Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Spoken Korean service, Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Spoken French service, Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Spoken German service, Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Minority languages(Chinese/English to Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesia、Portugal、Dutch、Hungarian, etc.)