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    Construction industry

  • Characteristics and related contents of construction translation

    The construction translation has such features as professional expression, involving wide fields and major projects, etc., it is a large project in translation field, which requires the professionals from different fields work together to complete related translation work.

    Fields it involves:

    Constructional engineering, railroad engineering, road engineering, water project, stadium construction, environmental engineering, airport engineering, highway engineering, tunnel and bridge construction engineering, power station construction engineering, shipside construction engineering, civil architecture construction engineering, playgrounds construction engineering and underground civil defense construction engineering.

    We provide the following foreign languages translation service for construction industry (including but not limited):

    • Chinese to English, English to Chinese
    • Chinese to Japanese, Japanese to Chinese, English to Japanese, Japanese to English
    • Chinese to Korean, Korean to Chinese, English to Korean, Korean to English
    • Chinese to French, French to Chinese, English to French, French to English
    • Chinese to German, German to Chinese, English to German, German to English
    • Chinese to Italian, Italian to Chinese, English to Italian, Italian to English
    • Chinese to Spanish, Spanish to Chinese, English to Spanish, Spanish to English
    • Chinese to Russian, Russian to Chinese, English to Russian, Russian to English
    • Chinese to Danish, Danish to Chinese, English to Danish, Danish to English
    • Oral English、Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Spoken Japanese service, Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Spoken Korean service, Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Spoken French service, Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Spoken German service, Consecutive interpreting、Simultaneous interpreting;
    • Minority languages(Chinese/English to Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesia、Portugal、Dutch、Hungarian, etc.)