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    Game Translation Service

  • As the net ear approaching, more and more people take to online games, which is not only relax people’s mind and body, also satisfy a desire of exploration that fails to satisfy in real life. The white collar prefers to play online games to pass their time and relax themselves, and the online games gained currency by catching the tide. Someone ever said, the emergence of online games aims at enhancing the quality of life of human being via the services of online games on internet.

    Online Game refers to the individual game with sustainability on line , basing on internet as transmission media, taking the game operator server and user computer as processing terminal and taking the client software of game as information interactive window, online game aims at entertainment, relaxation, communication and virtual achievement.

    Al Star has many translators and senior with different professional backgrounds, in addition, All Star also has taken efforts in searching full-time and part-time translators, of which are senior online game players, who have good grasp of the historical background, environmental quality and names of weapon used in games, etc., combining the skills of English, they can provide high-quality translation works related to online games by virtue of their rich experience, moreover, software engineers, who will cooperate with those professional translators to translate the games in 100 foreign languages into Chinese. After work, All Star carries out training courses for staff at fixed period to improve the quality of staff continually so ad to offer diversified services to customers.   

    The technical language and file type of games supported in translation

    Technical languages:

    C, C++, C# 、VB, VB.Net 、Delphi 、Java, J# 、Perl, Python 、PHP 、HTML, XML 、Flash 、JavaScript, JScript 、#, Ajax 、C#, VB.NET 、Perl, Python 、PHP 、ColdFusion 、Content Management Systems

    File types:

    rc 、.jar 、exe, .asp, aspx 、cgi 、pl 、php 、.html, .xml, .xhtml 、.swf, .fla 、.asp, .aspx 、jsp 、 cgi 、.pl 、.php












    More languages


    Common expressions in Korean games:

    cjs aks du dy 천만여요.
    qn xkr gkq sl ek 부탁합니다
    dh fo rks aks dlq sl ek 오래간만입니다
    tlf fu gkq sl ek 실려합니다
    vos cksg tmq sl ek 팬찮습니다
    eh dhk em fl ru+shift+t tmq sl ek 도와드리겼습니다
    dho dy 왜요?
    wj du ru akf gk tl sms 저여겨 말하시는
    rm aks gk tu dy 그만하셔요.
    dks sud 안녕 
    wkf rk dy 잘가요
    ekd tls dms dj sm sk fk tk fka dlq sl shift+r+k 당신은 어느나라 사람입니까
    sk sms wnd rnr dls dlq sl ek 나는중국인입니다
    sk sms qk shift+q+mq sl ek 나는바쁩니
    dkd 앙
    tlfg dj dy 싫어요
    glf wy dy 힐죠요 ,헐즘
    qk qnd 바붕
    sk sms whg dms tk fka dl du dy 나는 좋은 사람이여요
    m aks go dy 그만해요
    ah fms ek 모른다
    whg dms dk cla 좋은 아침
    rl ek fj 기다러 , 잠만여
    wnd rnr qns dl tu dy? 중국분이셔요?
    ah go wk rl did 모해자기양?
    djf ak du dy? 얼마여요?

    You’re welcome

    Sorry to trouble you

    Long time no see


    It doesn’t matter

    Let me help you


    Are you talking with me?

    Don’t mess



    Where are you?

    I’m a Chinese

    I’m very busy



    Add blood


    I’m a good player


    I don’t know

    Good morning


    Are you a Chinese?

    What are you up to?

    How much?