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    Import- export Translation Service

  • Since the policy of reform and open-up, the international business in China has been increased frequently. Since China became a member of WTO in 2001, the import and export trade have grown rapidly, and the gross and amount of import and export trade has been increasing steadily, which contribute to the import and export trade of fashion, motor vehicle, mechanical, electrical products and daily supplies, etc..

    All Star operates with a powerful and qualified full-time and part-time translators, of which translators specialized in foreign trade have many years’ professional experience. The written translation services for import and export trade contain: documents of import and export trade, trade contract, etc.. The translation services for import and export products include: motor vehicle, electric equipment, clothing, etc,. All translators’ works for import and export trade documents are those who have been engage in this field for many years in order to guarantee the accuracy of the translation works. Interpretation services include attending interpretation, conference interpretation and exhibition interpretation, etc.. Our interpreters are qualified with professional knowledge and rich experience in foreign trade business. 

     Translation service scope of import- export industry

    Professional import and export trade

    Common nouns of import- export industry

    Import and export of motor vehicle

    Import and export of clothing

    Processing of imported and exported products

    Imported and exported products

    Export quotation

    Export order

    Export packing


    Introductions of import-export industry translation service

    Written translation

    A professional translation company for import-export industry. All Star is equipped with a powerful troop of full-time and part-time translators engaging in different fields The translators who serve in import and export industry generally have good grasp and knowledge of products, trade and technical terms related to import and export, in addition, a terms bank of import and export industry has been built and the work of upgrade at any time.


    All Star offers the interpretation service of different foreign languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, etc., all interpreters involving those languages have rich experience in interpretation of import and export business.


    Introduction of import and export trade

    1.      What is import and export trade

    Import and export trade refers to the exchange activities of product and labor service between different countries (or/and regions), in other words, it is international transfer of product and labor service. Import and export trade is also called world trade which is the combination of import and export. World trade is a main interaction way based on international division of labor and the combination of the foreign trade of each country around the world, reflecting an interdependence relationship in economy between each country (or region) in the world. From a point of view of a country, export trade is foreign trade.

    2. The reasons for the generation of import and export trade

    The import and export trade is emerged under the following two basic conditions:

    (1)   The development of social productivity

    The fund of country

    The development of social productivity serves to exchange surplus commodity, the exchange activity of those surplus commodity is international trade.


    3. The classification of international trade

    According to the direction of transfer, the types are: (1) import trade, (2) export trade, (3) transit trade; according to the form of commodity, the types are: (1) visible trade, (2) invisible trade; according to the relationship between producing country and the country of consumption, the types are: (1) direct trade, (2) indirect trade; according to the detail of trade, the types are: (1) service trade, (2) processing trade, (3) Commodity trade, (4) general trade.