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    Translation Service for Aerospace and Aviation Industry

  • Space technology used to explore, develop and exploit the cosmic space. As a kind of science and technology highly integrated, it involves the design, manufacture, launch and application of different kinds of aerospace craft. The government of China has been held aerospace technology as one of high strategic technologies, one of strategic industries to boost the comprehensive national strength and international competitiveness, promote the development of national economy and safeguard national security. In addition, aerospace has a close relation with electrical technology, automation and computer, etc., which require a high quality of translation work for aerospace industry.

    As a translation company offering translation services for companies engaging different fields and industries, All Star (Beijing) has been treading on the heel of latest news in aerospace industry in order to take good grasp of technical terms in this industry, Because of the high accuracy required in aerospace industry, detailed operation process, methods of support and maintenance required by complex products and airplanes, the translation quality of materials related to aerospace industry demands that the translators should be rich in professional experience. As equipped with many translators with high translation skill, our company is able to finish any translation works for aerospace industry with high efficiency and meet the needs of customers.  

    Scope of translation service for aerospace and aviation industry

    Thesis on aerospace and aviation

    Nouns used in aerospace and aviation industry

    Report on aerospace and aviation industry


    Electronic technique applied in aerospace and aviation industry

    Automation of aerospace and aviation industry

     Jet propulsion

    International air transport

    Aerospace material

    Vacuum technique

    Semiconductor technique

    Manufacturing technique of aerospace industry


    Introduction of aerospace translation

    Written translation service

    The translators work for All Star have many years’ working experience in aerospace industry, and have good grasp for report, thesis and business of aerospace industry, and they also have built their own term bank with regular upgrade.

    Interpretation service

    Interpretation service involves English, Japanese, Korean, German and French, etc., all interpreters of All Star have many experiences of conference and business related to aerospace industry.


    Industry background: aerospace technology/ terms of aerospace industry

    A serial of advanced and complex field operation program works for the successful completion of aerospace activities, which involves academic operation which is difficult to understand such as human resource allocation, instrument collocation and installation, it is a high pursuit of development by a country, nation and even the human being. 

    The flying activity of aircraft in the atmosphere of earth is called aviation. Air balloon and air boat fly in the air upon the buoyancy of air, while air plane flies in sky by using the aerodynamic produced by the interaction with air. The engine installed in an air plane fueled by bunkers carried operates with the oxygen in air.

    Aerospace and aviation is the field of technology which is the most dynamic and influential in the course of human recognition and nature reformation in 20th Century, as well as a significant mark of high level development of human being.

    In the long course of conquering the nature, human being has had a wish of soaring in the sky and visiting the universal. It is only an illusion, of a wish when people live in an era with low productivity and science and technology. Although human being has tried the exploration to flying, its fulfillment marked as the lift-off of a fire balloon in 18th Century.

    Since the first controllable airplane equipped with an engine finished its first short-lived fly in 20th Century, the dream of flying in sky has come true really. Through the hard work of many talents, the science and technology applied in aerospace and aviation has been developed swiftly, and the performance of airplane has been improved constantly.