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    Notarial Certificates Translation

  • All Star – A Beijing-based Company Providing Professional Notarial Certificates Translation Service

    Notarization means to certify the civil juristic acts, and facts and documents with legal sense with respect to their authenticity and legality according to the applications of a natural person, legal person or/and other organizations in accordance with legal procedures. Notarial certificate is a kind of judicial documents issued by the notary office according to the client’s application and the fact and laws in accordance with legal procedures. Based on the purpose or the requirement of the client, some notarial certificates need to be attached with foreign language version. Typically, a notarial certificate include such content as the certificate number, general information about the client, testimony, the certified object, scope of the certification and applicable laws and regulations, etc.. 

    Taking account the characteristics and the importance of notarial certificates, All Star translators have summarized a set of rich and complete notarial templates, which not only ensured the quality but also the consistency of the translation of notarial certificates. The work of translators those equipped with law expertise is accomplished with accurate words without ambiguity. In addition, the translators are familiar with the format of notarial certificates, and professional proofreaders will be invited to revise their translation work. For the clients who propose special demands, All Star will invite foreign proofreaders to revise translation work in order to ensure the accuracy and logic of the work. All Star (Beijing) Translation Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the translation items involving house property notarial certificate, education notarial certificate, household register notarial certificate and marriage certificate, etc., striving to meet every client’s need with most approachable and professional service.

    Service scope of notarial certificates translation:

    Notarial certificate

    Birth certificate

    Education certificate

    Marriage certificate

    Notarial translation model

    Foreign-related notarization translation

    Notarial certificate of Proxy

    Kinship notarial certificate

    House property notarial certificate

    Experience notarial certificate

    Trademark privileges notarial certificate

    Marital status notarial certificate

    Death notarial certificate

    Corporate capacity notarial certificate


    Introduction of notarial certificates translation

    Written translation of notarial certificates:

    For a qualified translator, translation experience is a process of amassing knowledge, the translators of All Star are equipped with rich experience in written translation of notarial certificates, and have good grasp of various fields such as notarial certificate, requirements of format and general words and so on, which guarantee the reliability of quality of their translation works, so as to help the clients to success in related matters.


    Industry background- Introductions of notarization and notarial certificate

    Notarization is an activity to certify the authenticity and validity of any civil juristic act, fact with legal sense and written document according to an application by a notary authority to any natural person, legal person or other organizations and legal procedures. Notary system is an element of the state judicial system, and a judicial mean used for preventing dispute, preserving legal system and consolidating legal order of the country.

    Notarial deed is the judicial certificate with special legal validity based on the application of a party, a fact and law according to legal procedures, and it is a kind of judicial document. Notary authority should make notary certificates according to the rule of judiciary or the approved format. Notarial certificate should be sextodecimo with cover, content and back cover in Chinese. In the regions where minority live in or the people from different races live in, except for foreign-related matters, the notarial certificate can be in their local words. Upon the requirement or need of a party, foreign language translation version can be enclosed.

    Contents of a notarial certificate: (1) No. of the certificate, (2) General information of a party. (3) Testimony contains: object, scope, content and the law and regulations based on, etc. of the certificate. The condition, content and applicable laws of a notarial certificate depend on the object, scope of this notarial certificate, all those should be written in the notarial certificate. The name of an organization should be a full name when it is mentioned at first time; the date involved should be calendar date, and a note of bracket should be added when a lunar calendar date is needed. (4) Undertakes the signature or seal of a notary as well as the seal of notary public office. (5) The date of certificate is subject to the date of check and approval by approver of the notary public office. In addition, if the effect of a notarial certificate is not under force a note for this and the expiry of the obligation of debtor should be specified. The name, type and quantity and so on of a subject matter should be implemented forcefully. The documents mentioned in the testimony of a notarial certificate are a component of the notarial certificate.