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Dispatching Interpreters

    Dispatching Interpreters


    Product Description

    All Star dispatching onsite service means that the qualified and competent interpreters to be tested and dispatched to the working place of the clients provide written translation or oral interpretation services in accordance with the clients’ requirements at the designated sites the clients require satisfying the demand of the onsite translation or interpretation service of the clients.

    ——Dispatched foreign interpreters onsite service (written translation /oral interpretation services)

    ——Dispatched domestic interpreters onsite services (written translation /oral interpretation services)

    ——Short and medium term escort interpreters: escort interpreters concerning solving related daily life problems, business escort interpreters, escort service in technical and work interpretation

    Service Items

    ——Standardization evaluation for spare interpreters

    All Star will make definitions for appropriately allocating interpreters as per the All Star Classification Criteria for Dispatched Interpreters and provide demonstration resumes of interpreters working on different languages for clients. Clients will be provided one to three spare interpreters for selection after the evaluation and sifting are finished within three to ten days upon receiving the requirements from the clients. Finally, the competent and qualified interpreter will be decided by the clients in the way of “remote interview or communicating over the phone plus interview on the spot”.

    ——Pre-job training for qualified interpreters

    Before dispatching the interpreter(s), All Star (Beijing) will set a serial of training for the selected interpreter(s)., including basic training and normal interpretation skills and so on. The basic training involves in the enterprises culture of All Star (Beijing), Specifications on Site Interpretation Service by Dispatched Interpreters and business manners, etc.. IN addition, as to the projects those last more than 3 months, All Star will require 10 days for interpreters to run in the projects so as to receive a preliminary knowledge on the profile, work content and working process of the projects, meanwhile, the customers can also conduct an actual comprehensive evaluation to the interpreters.

    ——Monitoring and management for interpreters’ service

    In order to satisfy the clients, All Star adopts the management of interactive communicating methods, such as cycle assessment, random inspection and feedback by visiting the households.                     

    ——The alternative interpreters for emergency

    For unsuitable interpreter in the trial period, All Star will offer a list of alternative interpreters within one to ten working days, and then the clients pick out interpreters for assessment and evaluation, finally the suitable interpreters will be confirmed. If the selected interpreter who is dispatched to the site is unable to provide service in case of illness and emergency and other critical conditions, All Star will provide an alternative interpreter within one to ten working days in accordance with the different regions and the interpreter will be dispatched to site after assessment and evaluation by clients. 

    Reflection of the Value

    ——Building bridges for communication in the process of business

    ——Driving down the Total Cost of Ownership when recruiting the interpreter by itself

    ——Meeting the diversified requirements

    ——Shortening the period of “demand and supply” of interpreters

    ——Increasing the additional value of project operation from personalized interpreters 

    Potential Customers

    Our business targets at main industries such as international projects and electric power when implementing the overseas projects and dispatching the working group. The possible departments needing dispatched interpreter services concerns translation...

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