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Teleconference Translation Service

    [Teleconference Translation Service] Teleconference Translation Service


     Translation and Equipment Service for Teleconference

    Strengths in Teleconference Service


    1. Teleconference breaks the limitations in space and time registered in traditional centralized meetings or conferences.

     No matter in a office, be on a business trip or having a rest at home, as long as taking a telephone or mobile phone, it is available for you     and your office workers to hold or attend a meeting without shuttling through your headquarter and office, which help the managers completely devise strategies within their grasps.

    2. In terms of timeliness, this SI system features an incomparable advantage in holding meetings or conferences.

    For those emergency meetings, especially, this system can call up relevant staff and make right decisions in time.

    3. This system has recording function, which guarantees the accuracy and success of a meeting or conference.

    Features of Teleconference System 

    1. This system employs voice teleconference resource card with high quality, no matter how many people in a conference, they can hear quite clear voices;

    2. An echo equipped inside plays a role of suppression, which can realize echo cancellation while many people speaking, so as to provide clear voices to people participate in a conference.;

    3. Adopting the unique signal cancellation function, even encountering on-hook by any one in a conference in stimulated telephone line, this system will recognize and clear the on-hook automatically not influencing the process of others in the conference.

    4. Adopting the unique cancellation function of dual tone multiple frequency, this can realize that the key operation by any one in a conference will not be heard by others in the conference.

    5. This system is qualified to undertake one more conference at the same time by virtue of its powerful capacity;

    6. This system is qualified to undertake a hyper scale meetings and a combination of meetings in different levels.

    7. This system can be used independently by wiring a connecting line (including stimulated line and digital line);

    8. This system supports many kinds of link signaling: stimulated line, NO.1 link signaling, ISDN PRI, No.7 link signaling, etc..

    9. This system can be used with switchboard system, and integrate into OAS directly;

    10. Featuring the combination of functions of IVR and voice guide, which will guide users by providing options into a conference;

    11. Equipped with recording function to record conferences in real time;

    12. 12. Supports private discussion function, and fits for many application systems such as call center;

    13. Any telephone terminals (hand-free telephone or mobile phone) can attend a conference, which means it is accessible to hold a meeting at any time and at any place.

    Using steps:



    This system is qualified to undertake the following way for holding a teleconference, choose one as your need.

     (1) Dial-in method: wherever, every people who attend a conference can join in the conference by dialing a given number and inputting a code then.

     (2). Dial-out method for caller: The caller involving a conference dials the numbers of each attendance and check the ID of the each attendance.

     (3) A integrated method: Choose part of people who participate in a conference to dial in, and the other part of people is dialed in one by one.

    (4) Group dial-in method: Call all members involve in a conference automatically.

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