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    [Translation] Notarial Certificates Translation

  •     All Star – A Beijing-based Company Providing Professional Notarial Certificates Translation ServiceNotarization means to certify the civil juristic acts, and facts and documents with legal sense with respect to their authenticity and legality accordi [详情]
  • [Translation] Translation Service for Aerospace and Aviation Industry

  •     Space technology used to explore, develop and exploit the cosmic space. As a kind of science and technology highly integrated, it involves the design, manufacture, launch and application of different kinds of aerospace craft. The government of China [详情]
  • [Translation] Import- export Translation Service

  •     Since the policy of reform and open-up, the international business in China has been increased frequently. Since China became a member of WTO in 2001, the import and export trade have grown rapidly, and the gross and amount of import and export trade [详情]
  • [Translation] Game Translation Service

  •     As the net ear approaching, more and more people take to online games, which is not only relax people’s mind and body, also satisfy a desire of exploration that fails to satisfy in real life. The white collar prefers to play online games to pass thei [详情]
  • [Translation] Binding Document Translation

  •     Binding document translation is one of a brand of All Star (Beijing) Translation Co., Ltd.Binding document translation is an important procedure in the tendering process, and a translation work should express all intentions of a bidder in the origina [详情]
  • [Translation] Written Translation Service

  •     Languages of translation service by All Star (Beijing) Translation Co., Ltd.More than 130 languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portugal, Italian, Arabic, Farsi, Romanian, Mongol, Swedish language, Vietnamese, [详情]