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    Written Translation Service

  • Languages of translation service by All Star (Beijing) Translation Co., Ltd.

    More than 130 languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portugal, Italian, Arabic, Farsi, Romanian, Mongol, Swedish language, Vietnamese, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Turkish, Greek language, Thai and Norwegian language, etc.. 

    Involving more than 50 fields such as construction, engineering, petroleum, chemical industry, energy, IT, law, finance and economics, automation, machinery, real estate, culture, sports, history, philosophy and S&T, etc.. 

     IT industry: network | software | communication

    Construction industry: real estate | construction | engineering

    Law: agreement| contract | merger

    Finance: bank| insurance | security

    Medicinebiology| medical treatment | instrument

    Energy: oil | chemical industry | environmental protection

    Electromechanical: machinery | electro | automation

    Business: finance and economics | management | bidding document

    Education: study abroad | CV | thesis

    Military: politics | military | weapon

    Tourism: tourism | hotel | menu

    Books: medium | publishing | advertisement


    Types of written translation service:

    Bidding project, contract, research report, literary, profile of enterprise, description of products, technical document, financial statement, software and website localization, etc..