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    Book publishing translation business:


    Book publishing translation business:

    Through close cooperation with more than a dozen domestic and international publishing houses including the Renmin University of China Press, Central Compilation and Translation Press, Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House, Chongqing Publishing House, Hong Kong Press, German publishers, Turkish Press, All Star has refined a set of specialized business processes in the field of publishing translations, from screening translator, submitting test draft, sample chapter trial translation, finalizing the translation chapter by chapter, the final professional thesaurus construction, vocabulary unification and late-phase layout, we will be operating in accordance with international processes and standards for publishing institutions to provide the solution to a set of manuscript translation, while relying on state-of-the-art translation memory and typesetting technology such as trados and indesign, thus solving the challenges for the Press completely such as long manuscript translation cycle, unstable quality, not unified vocabulary, sentences without accumulation and substandard layout.

    All Star has now published hundreds of translated manuscripts, including: 欧亚明星近期翻译书籍一览.jpg



    English Book Names



    Collected Research Essays on Marxism



    China’s Reform——In Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up



    China’s Economic Restructuring



    Comment and Analysis on the Principle of Democratic Socialism



    Analysis and Review of the Contemporary Western Theories of the State


    开发性金融经典案例 国家开发银行•中国人民大学联合课题组著

    Development Finance Success Cases By A Joint Research Team of China Development Bank andChinaRenminUniversity

    奥运经济  北京奥运的人文价值

    People’s Value of Beijing Olympic Games



    Reform of China’s Banking System and Internationalization of Renminbi: History, Theory and Policy



    History of the Qing Dynasty


    ◆中国人民大学出版社 China Renmin University Press
    ◆中央编译出版社 Central Compilation & Translation Press
    ◆社会科学文献出版社 Social Sciences Academic Press
    ◆中国社会科学出版社 China Social Science Publishing Bureau
    ◆中央编译出版社 Central Translation and Editing Publishing
    ◆浙江科学技术出版社 Zhejiang Science & Technology Press
    ◆重庆出版社 Chongqing Press
    ◆美国出版社 America Press
    ◆香港出版社 Hong Kong Press
    ◆德国出版社 German Press
    ◆土耳其出版社 Turkey Press

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