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Patent Translation

    Patent Translation


     Through the long term partnership in patent translation service with dozens of patent agencies and law firms from the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Sweden and others, All Star Translation Co., Ltd. engages in patent translation and editing services by utilizing Trados or Fortis systems to control and improve the translation quality. As for the critical requirement in secrecy, All Star establishes a series of strict secrecy measures for patent clients to adapt the economic globalization and avoid any losses caused by secret disclosure.




    ◆世界知识产权组织 WIPO

    ◆国家知识产权局 SIPO


    ◆宝洁 PGFE

    ◆强生 JNJ



     Nowadays, most of patents need to be translated for applying; our company possesses international translation qualification. Patent translation and professional & technical translation are mainly focused on English, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian, etc. The patent translation in 5 languages, namely Chinese, English, Japanese, German and Korean, is relatively mature in China, and forms a working mode including business consulting, translation, proofreading and post-service,  each section is defined clearly, thus improving professionalism and timeliness. With a large amount of patent translation experience over many years, the total amount and quality for translation of our company has been significantly increased, and we are familiar with patent application essentials in different countries and continuously perfect ourselves by communication with domestic and oversea clients.


         One of the most difficult kinds in translation field is patent translation. 


     Patent document is concerning with not only professional technology, but also legal provisions, and the original patent document is generally written by patent lawyer with higher technical background or knowing technology at least. Therefore, translators must have the same knowledge to understand and accurately translate these patent descriptions. Besides, due to different patent laws and regulations in each country, the difficulty and breadth of translation are further increased. In addition, a mistake, even if only a word in translation would result in huge economic losses to client, the losses may be millions of dollars, so translators play a critical role in translation, that brings tremendous pressure and challenge to translators. A good patent translator who wants to be a expert in this field must spend a lot of time, experience arduous learning course. Therefore, the expert in this field is very few and is difficult to find.


           In order to meet the requirements on market and clients, All Star Translation Co., Ltd. has invested large amount of time and money on searching good patent translators around the world, and established professional patent translation team. These native translators not only possess related technical and legal knowledge, but also know well existing local patent laws and regulations. 

            All Star Translation Co., Ltd.takes Fortis system, a professional patent translation software, to specially support translators and improve translation efficiency. 

    We are engaging in the fields as follows:

    Chemical, optical, electronic, machinery, equipment, electronic equipment, machinery and equipment,  Control equipment, communications, automotive, energy, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, drug, agricultural, chemistry, alloys, paper manufacture, water conservancy, and others.



    Through strict quality management and outstanding services, All Star Translation Co., Ltd. becomes the best choice with respect to patent translation to most of clients. We provide the best services regarding to patent translation for clients by establishing thesaurus with professional patent software and optimizing translation process. Briefly, All Star Translation Co., Ltd. has conformed her leading position in patent translation field.


          Patent translation always plays an important role in our business segments, All Star Translation Co., Ltd. devotes herself to be the most professional translation service provider over many years, including organization of professional team, establishment of professional corpus information database and completion of translation words more than 100 million. The partnership of All Star Translation Co., Ltd. and Chinese Patent Center, State Patent Office and U.S. Patent Office has been confirmed again and again.

           Based on strengthening and extending our own translation team, introducing high-level talents to establish a top patent translation team, All Star Translation Co., Ltd. provides translation service for patent organizations both domestic and abroad. 


    Due to it plays an important role in global economy at present and is critical to protect intellectual property for promoting business development, consistent and accurate patent translation is necessary to acquire technical information. The service range of our intellectual property translation team covers all subjects, especially the subjects specified in the international patent classification. Up to now, our intellectual property translation team has translated tens of thousands of patent documents. According to the item size, required quality, time and budget, we provide a wide range of translation services, including the utilization of the latest machine-assisted translation technology and internal translation team consisted of language experts.


    A unique method for patent data translation and patent data translation process have been rooted in All Star Translation Co., Ltd. Our company is well experienced in providing for clients mutual translation between English and various Asian languages, dealing with international patents and IP data. With our services, you can easily conduct internal inquiry on patents and obtain literal information. The internal bilingual dictionary and thesaurus, which are created by ourselves, cover all subject, such as commercial, legal, medical and technical and the like, and effectively support our translation services.


    All Star Translation Co., Ltd. can provide high-quality translation service for you, no matter how the case size is. You can facilely obtain our services and on-line translation by fast network linkage or our dedicated gateway, due to we have established secure redundancy infrastructure for the network and dedicated gateway.

    Service benefits: patent translation plays an important role in current global economy.

     Our unique patent data translation: we can complete a large amount of high-quality translation in short time. Generally speaking, we can provide translation service for normal cases within 48 hours or 2 working days. The pricing is based on the number of pages or words, and no additional fees. We have unique processing technology, powerful and scientific dictionary and thesaurus. Each translation case would be performed on the basis of strict quality assurance procedures by the corresponding translator, and be responsible by specific translation team. With double quality control procedures, we can provide the best translation services for you.


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