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    All Star(Beijing)Translation Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2002, located in the South Gate of Peking University, which is a site endowed with rich humanistic culture and graceful scenery. Beijing All Star is a member of Translators Association of China. By virtue of ten years’ experience, powerful resources compose by interpreters as well as experts from home and abroad in Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Language and Culture University and Beijing International University.  

    Through ten years of painstaking efforts, All Star has formed powerful core competence in a variety of fields such as the translation of government publicity materials, book translation for publication, foreign patent translation, simultaneous interpretation, high-end written translation, lease and installation of simultaneous interpretation systems (SI systems), and live video for large and medium-sized international conferences, ect. In particular, All Star achieves a lot in terms of book translation and patent translation. It enjoys long-term cooperation with many publishing agencies including China Renmin University Press, Central Compilation & Translation Press, Social Sciences Academic Press, Chongqing Publishing House, and presses from Hong Kong, Germany and Turkey, ect. Till now, All Star has provided hundreds of translation work for those domestic and foreign publishing agencies. In addition, All Star also provides patent translation for some Fortune Global 500 companies (main part of such customers are from America, Japan and Germany), and has been highly recognized by customers through its stable and long-standing quality assurance.

    All Star focus on the high-end and professional translation service which includes written translation, oral interpretation, consecutive interpretation, website translation, and localization translation, etc., involving English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, French as well as many other minority languages. The high-end Chinese to foreign language translation projects are all subjected to the inspection of first-rate foreign translators. By virtue of its high-quality, professional and all-inclusive translation service, All Star has built a bridge of communication among different languages and cultures, which contributes a lot to the cultural and economic exchange between China and foreign countries. In the meanwhile, All Star also offers the lease of professional SI systems and provide conference & exhibition service.

    All Star is also doing phenomenally well in simultaneous interpretation service. With the experience of providing simultaneous interpretation to hundreds of conferences, All Star now performs this business with great facility. Till now, All Star has provided SI service for numerous important domestic and international conferences and to many famous people both at home and abroad; those conferences include “former U.S. vice President Al Gore’s speech on global climate change at Tsinghua University”, “Prime Minister of UK Tony Blair’s visit to China”, “Conference of Canada Quebec Prime Minister Delegation’s Investment on Quebec at Beijing”, “US China Business Association Philadelphia delegation’s visit to China for investment symposium”, “World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention”, “World Advertising Conference”, and “a series of Dell Global Elite Discussion Summit”. The high-level services as well as the outstanding performance made All Star win great popularity with the honored guests both at home and abroad.

    By virtue of its integrity and outstanding performance, All Star has received many honors and rewards. It enjoys such reputations as one of the “Top Ten Translation Companies with Influence in China”, “AAA-level (Quality, Service and Credit) Translation Company in China”, and one of the “Top Ten Foreign Translation Companies with the Greatest Influence in China” etc. The president of All Star has been interviewed by CCTV for many times. Currently, All Star is also serving as the practice base for students from the Senior Translation School of Beijing Language and Culture University and the Senior Translation School of Beijing International Studies University, performing the task of cultivating Chinese translation talents.

    Against the background of the globalization of the world and the internationalization of China, All Star is striving to become the pioneer and the pathfinder for Chinese translation enterprises to go abroad! As a mainstay in Chinese translation market, All Star not only functions as a bridge for international language and cultural communication, but also positively gain experience through practice and discipline itself with the international group standard, so as to become the first listed translation company in China!

    Believe in us and choose us! Each member of All Star will continue to hold the corporate culture as “confidentiality, high-quality, faithful and speedy”, providing you with the most qualified service and removing all language-related obstacles both for your corporate and personal development.



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